Pianos vary in weight from about three hundred to a thousand pounds, though a concert grand may weigh as much as thirteen hundred pounds! If it were simply a matter of weight, though, all it would take would be enough strong people to do the job.

Unfortunately, along with the weight comes problems of balance and inertia, knowledge of which can make all the difference in doing a moving job safely and efficiently.

So, the task of moving a piano is not just a matter of weight. The asymmetric shape, the fragility of the outer cabinet and inner mechanics, the uneven distribution of parts -- all this and more demands not only proper equipment, but also an understanding of the unique dynamics of balance and inertia that pianos pose.

Attempting to move a piano by yourself may easily result in a costly trip to the doctor for both you and your piano.

Don't take chances, hire a professional!


Moving Services

Basic Piano Move (Bay Area)



Basic Piano Move (CA, AZ, NV only)

Anywhere within the state of California, Arizona or Nevada. Mileage costs will be added on, please call for quote.

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* Grand pianos are an additional fee. Please call for details.

Piano Facts

The Piano was invented in 1698 by an Italian, Bartolomeo Cristofori.

The name piano is an abbreviation of the original name for the instrument: piano et forte or soft and loud.

There are over 12,000 parts in a piano, 10,000 which are moving.

Each note in a grand piano has more than 35 points of adjustment. Over 3,080 adjustments for the entire piano.